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Ault Home Destroyed By Fire Sunday Night. The historic and picturesque home of G.W. AULT, located at Postoak, four miles east of Rockwood, was totally destroyed by fire Sunday night. The blaze originated in the kitchen which was located a few feet from the main building but connected by a roof . . . The Ault home was one of the oldest in this section. It was constructed before the civil war and during the dark days of the 60's it became a historical building. It is said that it was the headquarters at various times of both Federal and Confederate generals and in the large cellar under the main building military prisoners have been confined. Prominent men of those days made the place a stooping point and much sentiment has always attached to the home in these later days. It was a large 2-story structure of the colonial type and was built of the very best material obtainable at a time when the forest of Roane county was practically untouched. Standing upon a prominent eminence, the country for miles around could be seen from the front porch. It was at one time the KIMBRO home, and at the death of Mrs. KIMBRO, a number of years ago, the estate was settled by Dr. KIMBRO and the home place fell to Mrs. AULT. Since that time the AULTS have lived at the place. Some years ago Mr. AULT completely over-hauled the home, placing new timbers where they were needed, rebuilding the porches and practically converting the building into a new one. He spent several hundred dollars in this work. It is doubtful if the house could be replaced at twice what it originally cost.

From: The Rockwood Times, 19 Jul 1917.