Roane County Wills Recorded in the Deed Books

The following wills are located in the Roane County Deed books and are not recorded in the estate books.
Transcribed by Robert L. Bailey.

Roane Co., TN Deed Book N-1 (Jun 1857-Jan 1863)

Page 291,

Will of John C. LADD. Dated 19 Mar 1858. Sons, John & Joseph LADD (later referred to as William Joseph & John F. LADD. . . wife Marthey E. LADD. . . deduct from Lille (sic) part five dollars out of his equal share of my estate . . . son Henry Melvin LADD. . . daughter Martha . . . rest of my children . . sons John & David J. LADD to be the adminstrators. . . Signed John C. Ladd.


Page 292,

Undersigned children & heirs at law of John C. LADD . . . "our Mother the said Martha E. Ladd is to have full possession of the entire estate and the impact thereby for & during the term of her natural life" . . . 6 Jun 1859. . . Signed by David LADD, S. N. LADD, Amandy LADD, Richard SAUP, H. M. LADD, Mary Ann JOHNSTON, Isaac JOHNSTON, John F. LADD, Marthy (her X mark) LADD, William J. (his X mark) LADD, R. M. LADD, John F. PATTERSON, Margrett PATTERSON.


Roane Co., TN Deed Book O-1 (Jan 1863-Dec 1865)

Page 35,

Will of Robert JOHNSTON. Dated 16 Jun 1863. Brother Samuel JOHNSTON. . . Brother William JOHNSTON . . . appoint nephew Joseph M. JOHNSTON & William Y. HUFF executors. Wit. J. A. MITCHELL, J. W. ROBINSON. Signed Robert JOHNSTON. Probated August Session 1863.


Page 99,

Will of John GARNETT Dec. Dated 19 Jun 1864. Request Gerhard EBEN, H. A. KASIER & Constantine BRAUSE of the town of Kingston, Roane County, Tennessee to act as executors. $200 to Agnaz MIZER in Lichtenthal near Baden Baden Granduchy of Baden in Germany . . . to Sebastian SELTAIN(?) . . . for faithful attention to me in this my last sickness. . . watch to Eddy MUECKE . . . mare to Adelheiel MUECKE . . . colt to Charlie BRAUSE . . . to 5 children of Gerhard EBBEN (not named) . . . to 4 children of H. A. KAISER (not named) . . . to 2 children of Constantine BRAUSE . . . to 2 children of Oscar STEINEWHER and Adelherel & Edward MUECKE . . . to Laura the adopted daughter of Joseph B. MARTIN. Signed Dr. John GARNET. Wit. Louis F. NIZCHKE, Edward BROWN. Probated Jul Session 1864.


Pages 100-102,

Will of W. A. M. PRATER. Dated 1 Sep 1863. Lots drawn by A. ISH and George PRATER as heirs at law of Benjamin PRATER Dec. . . . daughter Julia Cordelia. . . wife Mary PRATER. . . faithful servant Betty and her four children, Joshua, Colins and Sarah (only 3 named) shall remain in possession of wife. . . three brothers, Benjamin F., John J. & James M. PRATER. Signed W. A. M. PRATER. Wit. T. J. POPE, E. E. SILLWATES, A. A. HEART. Probated July session 1864.


Page 103,

Will of Elizabeth DURRITT (DURIETT). Dated 24 Dec 1857. Bequests to W. H. PICKEL, Evaline PICKEL, Robert R. PICKEL and Jesse L. PICKEL . . . balance of estate to be equally divided between my children. Wit. James L. PICKEL, Edward WILLIAMS. Probated August Session 1864. Signed Elizabeth (her X mark) DURRET.


Pages 104-105,

Will of John MEAD. Son S. M. MEAD . . . five other heirs J. M. MEAD, Mary BRAZEAL, formly (sic) Mary MEAD, Fany JONES, formly (sic) Fany MEAD, John P. MEAD, Jane AMUS formly Jane MEAD. . . my daughter Sally HUDSONS two children Elizabeth & Polly Ann HUDSON. . . my two granddaughters by Robert HUDSON . . . granddaughter Manervy AMUS. . . grandson John S. MEAD . . . grandson James L. Mead . . . John Amus DUNKIN son of my daughter Sally DUNKIN. Appoint W. H. PICKEL executor. Wit. R. P. EATON, Thomas F. CARTER. Signed John MEAD. Probated August Session 1864.


Pages 106-108,

Will of Thomas JOHNSON. Dated 24 Jan 1857. My desire is that my boddy be buried by the side of my dear departed wife in my family graveyard on my land. Daughter Nancy B. JOHNSON. . . 3 grandsons viz. William, Thomas and John SIMPSON heirs of my daughter Martha E. SIMPSON formerly Martha E. JOHNSON . . . proceeds (from the sale of slaves) equally divided between Jonas MOORE [Moon written above], James H. MOORE [Moon written above], Harret J. BUTLER, Sousannah JOHNSON, John BLAIR & John BLAIR Jr. and Nancy B. JOHNSON. . . appoint my friends Hugh BLAIR Sen. and John T. BLAIR my executors. Signed Thomas JOHNSON. Wit. William C. JULIAN, J. Rufus SMITH, Hiram BOGART. Probated October Session 1864.


Pages 109-110,

Will of John L. BROWN. Dated 28 Sep 1862. Wife Mahala BROWN. . . son Rufus B. BROWN. . . Calvin M. & Martha C. BROWN (relationship not given) . . . "desire that Elizabeth be supported on the farm during her widowhood". Wit. G. W. EASTER, H. A. (his X mark) EASTER, John (his X mark) CULVYHOUSE. Signed John L. BROWN. Probated October 1864 Session.


Pages 110-113,

Will of Jessee Eldridge. Son William Albert ELDRIDGE. . . wife Isabell ELDRIDGE. . . daughter Martha Ann ELDRIDGE. . . daughter Sarah Elizabeth ELDRIDGE. . . "children by my first wife their distributive share of my estate which is all I intend to receive from my estate exxcept Simeon and Nancy IRVIN. . . son Simeon ELDRIDGE. . . daughter Nancy ERVIN, wife of George ERVIN. . . children of my deceased daughter Catharine FREEMAN . . . daughter Jane WEST wife of John J. WEST. . . daughter Elizabeth TALAFERO wife of Charles TALAFERO. Wit. W. S. McEWEN, Thomas N. CLARK, A. S. GREEN, W. S. PATTEN. Signed Jessee ELDRIDGE. Probated October 1864 Session.


Page 114,

Will of Jacob KEANOR. Dated 18 Jan 1864. Son Thomas C. KEANOR . . ."my dear wife" (name not given) . . . daughter Lourinda HOOLDER. . . daughter Sarah Catharine. Wit. Thomas F. CARTER, J. A. DAVIDSON. Signed J. B. KEANOR. Probated January Session 1865.


Page 116,

Will of Tandy SENTER. Dated 28 Jan 1853. Wife Allis . . ."my children by my first wife" . . . children of my son Steven SENTER . . . my deceased son James SENTER. . . my deceased son Martin SENTER . . . my deceased son Seburn SENTER. . . my deceased son William SENTER. . . daughter Mary GODDARD . . .daughter Lucinda RICE . . . daughter Susanah R. RICE. . . daughter Losannah KING. . . daughter Margret S. EASON. . . daughter Catherine CROW. . . daughter Elizabeth MEE . . . daughter Manervia MARGRAVES. . . daughter Martha W. BARNET. . . daughter Nancy BARNET. . . daughter Allis J. GRAVES. Wit. John J. ROBERTS, Andrew DERRICK. Signed Tandy (his X mark) SENTER. Codicel dated 28 Jan 1853. "That Joseph R. MEE the husband of my daughter Elizabeth has been acting badly and neglecting the duties of an upright and chaste Husband." Wit. W. S. McEWEN, George L. GILASPIE. Probated November Session 1864.