Will and Probate of William Deatherage (1815-1889)
Transcribed and contributed by Tom McMurray

"I William Deatherage of the County of Roane and State of Tennessee; Do make this my will and testament as follows.

First; That my funeral expences and all my just debts, shall be paid; so soon as there are moneys sufficient come into the hands of my Executors; That if my personal effects and properties, (or the proceeds there of) be not sufficient to pay my indexbtedness, that a sufficient portion of my real estate be sold; as will pay the ballance; The Dower and Homestead for my wife Mary A Deatherage, being first set apart to her - That my three daughters Marget, Mary E, and Sarrah Adeline Deatherage, hold jointly, all my real estate; with their mother, during her natural life; provided they should remain unmarried, and at home with her.

Second; That after the death of my wife Mary A. Deatherage; that all my real estate decend to my daughters, provided, they should still remain single, and desire it as a home; (or any of them) if they so elect; according to the foregoing provisions.

Third; That if they should marry, then the realty shall revert to all my heirs equally, except my son Francis A Deatherage; I having paid for him sufficient moneys to amount to his share of the estate; Therefore it is my will that he have no part of it.

Fourth; That, I do hereby appoint my sons John A. and Thomas N. Deatherage to be my Executors of this my last will and testment.

Given under my hand and seal; This the 30th day of Oct 1888.
Wm Deatherage"

Probate "Signed and subscribed in our presence}
Pro. M.C. Clark Aug. 19, 1889
Prof. S.H. Williams July 1, 89
State of Tennessee, Roane County}
County Court August Term 1889}
This was the foregoing last will and testament of Wm Deatherage produced in open court and its execution and declaration duly proven by the oaths of M.C. Clark & S.H. Williams, the two subscribing witnesses thereto and the same adjudged by the Court to be the last will and testament of Wm Deatherage deceased, and admitted to probate and ordered to be certified and recorded. Witness my hand at office in Kingston Aug. Term 1889

J.C. Pope Clk"